[Let’s go sightseeing] The best 3 spots you must be wanting to visit in Ichihara!

Kominato train by EIKICHI from photo-AC


I will introduce about the sightseeing in ICHIHARA city.

Where is located in ICHiHARA City?

ICHIRARA city is located in the central area of Chiba prefecture.

There is a part of Tokyo bay and the town is the largest in Chiba prefecture.

In Detail of ICHIHARA city


Poplation: 274,117

Area: 368.17 km2


  • JR East – Uchibo line
  • Kominato railway – Kominato
  • Keisei Electric Railway
  • Kominato bus
  • Nito Kotsu bus
  • Chiba chuo bus

The symbol of character

Ossa-kun: He was designed that is based on the stand-out of cosmos, Japanese bush warbler, and ginkgo.

[Sightseeing] The best of enjoying places for tourists in ICHIHARA!

Original Maker Sea Fishing Park

It is suitable for fishing and walking around when you feel like to visit in Ichihara City.

I sometimes visit there for having lunch on Sunday.

Even though the day was not clear sky, I could enjoy to walk around as the air condition was pure than workaday.

Yoro Valley

The place is the most famous for looking a lot of colourful maple trees in Chiba.

In Autumn, People will be coming to there for hiking, BBQ, and outdoor activities every year.

According to a site on word by mouth, A visitors said, my heart has been calmed by crossing the waterfall alongside.

There are several souvenir is waiting for tourisms. you must buy ice cream only in the shop.

image of yoro valley by MeruH from photo-ac

Ario Ichihara

In decade, the shopping mall is biggest in Ichihara city and it will be expanding shops from now on.

It is convenient to access from station by bus.

A lots bland goods from not only domestic area but also from abroad.

On Sunday is always crowed by shipping customers.

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