[Dangerous!!] Do not eat cherry stone


Basically, After eating fruits, we have taken away stone from mouth.

However, Several people gulped it unintentionally focus on children…

Now, I will introduce about the method when you gasped the cherry stones.

Is it OK to eat cherry stones?

Cherry stone is the best way to do not eat.

Because, It includes amygdalin that product harmful substance named hydrogen cyanide in digestive gland.

What is hydrogen cyanide?

The hydrogen cyanide is chemical liquid or gas. The colour is transparent or pain-blue and has specific odour.

In case of human, after taking the substance, it is only several second to be exposed by the poison.

Mainly, It is used for exterminating vermins, synthesis of nitrile or iron, concentration of ore, and electroplating.

if you have it, you will be brought about the symptoms like a headache, dizzying, and nauseating.

How much a mount of stones should not have it ?

In case of humans is acceptable the hydrogen cyanide in maximum of fifty milli grams before translating to noxious.

That is to say, Eating fourteen cherry stones it easy to make lethal dose.

However, Being powdered stones is stronger the highly toxic substance than solid. it is only two stones to lead leathal dose.

Method of prevention

You will not face to the risk that swallow mistakenly, paying attention to eat carefully.

Especially, Children tend to be choken their throat by hard foods.

The risk is higher than adults.

If someone feelings are not good shape, I recommend to go hospital immediately.

Be safe to enjoy automn productions !

Thank you for your listening.

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