[Sightseeing] The feature of sea for vacances

Sea in Kisarazu


I am Eurodreamingtea.

I often visit to around sea point for breaking on holiday.

And then, many people also spend the time for it.

Now, I am going to pick up the merit of sea for vacance.

1: Clear water is better 


In New Zealand in 2019
In New Zealand in 2019

When the day that weather is clear, the landscape is dying to blue. 

The calm colours such as blue and green makes us relaxing and disappearing stress.

I also visited to Okinawa in 2016. The sea water is transparent.

Moreover, the quality of water that is transparent is less salty then the dark blue ocean as Tokyo bay.

Therefore, It can make the salt that people who are boring hyperglycemia.

2: Environment 

Sea in Tateyama
Sea in Tateyama

It depends on the places. but going to sea for sightseeing is activity as gathering at beach.

Therefore, It is taking a chance to make new friends and talking with them.

Especially on holiday is coming to there with their children.

On the other hand, there is a problem that a lot of rubbishs are increasing on the beach…

3: Variety of foods

Sandwich Restaurant In New Zealand
Sandwich Restaurant In New Zealand

There are many shops along with the sea for having some foods.

The famous of food menu is mainly seafood, but French bread is also good for it.

4: Souvenirs

Souvenirs shop in Fiji
Souvenirs shop in Fiji

Shell accessories, sand arts, and sea foods are recommended for me.

My best souvenir for sea travel is star sand and T-shirts.

Souvenirs from New Zealand and Fiji

Thank you for your listening.

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