[Super!] Soja beans are getting a variety of powers!


I am Eurodreamingtea.

Suddenly, Have you heart that “Edamame“? it is famous for one of japanese cuisine that bowled green beans with salt and you will watch around Japanese bar restaurants in Japan.

as another exemple, there are also popular the alimentation that use sprout for cooking.

Now, I would like you to ask question.

What is difference of among with soja bean, sprout, and Edamame?

The Answer?

Surprisingly, It came from same origin plant!

So I will explain about the circle of soja beans.

How do it get the circulation of soy beans?

First, It need to plant in seed for growing soy bean.

Question, What is the seed of soja bean?

the Answer?

I write its conclusion first, It is soja bean!


I thought that most of people said ‘What do it mean ?’

Now, I will mention about the hypothesis.

From soja bean (seed) to sprout

the soja bean is circle shape and the colour is light blown.

Growed sprout from it is called bean sprout.

Japanese people calls “moyashi“.

It is thin and the colour is white and transparent.

by the way, It takes seven days to come out from soil or plant pot.

further, It only use water and you don’t need to give fertilizer, electricity, and sunlight.

From sprout to green beans

Next, I will introduce about how will beans sprout be green beans.

After two months, the branch became harder and it can stand steadily.

The twig bears green beans it includes three them as a crescent form.

It is called “Edamame” in japanese.

From green beans to soja beans

At the end of ripen fully, The beans are dying light blown colour and dried it.

And then, The process repeat in the circulation from soja beans as a seed.

Drew my Image of circulation of soybeans



image of natto in apartment (06/05/2022)

One of Japanese traditional food. It made from soy beans that have been fermented with var.

Seeing as the feature of it is sticky and particular smell, most of people can not resist to eat it.

however, it is healthy food helps enhance immunity.

In person, I love it. especially, I would like to recommend that is with stock and put on the rice bowl with raw egg.


It made green soy beans and boiled it in steam pot with salt. The recipe is very simple. but It is popular cuisine in Japan.

Recently, the dish is not only in Japan but also expanding to the world.

because, It is ample a vitamine, dietary fiber, and isoflavone.


Mung bean sprout is one of vegetable by growing beans.

It can use mount of Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

On the other hand, please do not eat uncooked the bean sprouts, it includes bacteria that will get food poisoning such as O-157.


Okinawan cuisine, Shima Dofu

tofu is a food prepared by clotting soy milk and pressing the resulting curd into solid white block of varying softness.

the production is able to get easily at restaurants in the world.

My recommendation is cutting into the small pieces tofu and put into miso soup.

soy sauce

One of liquid condiment is made from fermented pasted of soy beans, roasted grain, brine, and sojae mold.

It is known it in the world that called umami taste.

By the way, It is located in Noda city, Chiba that produced the bland soy sauce.

Chiba is my native region!

Soybeans can use a variety of situations.

If you are favourites the topics, why don’t you use it from tomorrom?

Thank you for your listening!

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