[IMPORTANT!] About Welt Exploere Topics rule on Twitter


I’m Eurodreamingtea.

I am going to tell about the rule on Twitter, please listen carefully!

[Direct Message (DM)]

Basically I’m not allow to send by direct message. but I allow to reply contents as bellow.

[Allow Contents]

  • Suggestion ideas (ex, I made the background. I would like to use my art with your character(s).) [CAUTION] It is possible to refuse it depends on content. (unsuitable contents, and so on).
  • collaboration with idea.

[NOT Allow Contents]

  • My privacy (ex)Where are you from?)
  • Negative words
  • Criminal Relation
  • Drug or Alcohol
  • Politic
  • Religion (to ask me)
  • Violence
  • Porn
  • Gender discrimination
  • Racism
  • Illegal sales
  • Other Unsuitable contents

If I found such as a e-mail, I will suggest to erase or delete myself.

In worse case, It is possible to stop the account.

Please keep the rule absolutely!

[Liked and reply]

Similar to above, If you commented, I will request to delete the comment.


Even though I told that please DON’T reply such as a spam comments, Some people break the rule.

Recently, Some people ask me to about my private information.

I will say again and again, Refrain from talking that!

I feel so irritated!

The Rule is rule!

Please keeping the rule to use on twitter for safety.

Thank you for your listening.

by Eurodreamingtea

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