How to get an apartment for safe?


Which do you reserve a room in hotel or apartment during travel ?

I also write a comments on AirBnb. I’d love to look through if you are favourable.

I offen heard some people are involved in the trouble that the room which had reserved for per several or long time night was lack of furnishers or the room was broken the wall than their images.

How should you do that get it for safe ?

Now, I will show you about it.

Point 1 : before take a reservation, contact with owner

You need to verify the owner is really running the apartment. It is possible to pretend to make a fraud.

The reason why it takes some troubles, the site was not official.

Please ask for it in detail about the situation not only distinguished the surface information, but also need for inside of it such as a location.

  • What is the apartment address?
  • Where can I get the key?
  • Is it really or basically safe around?
  • What is the landmark? ex)Blue door?, red roof? and so on.

Point 2 : Get some pictures

As like point 1, you can trust about it more than letters and it is easiest to fast.

  • Could you send me something landmark of the apartment?
  • I would like to more about bed room.
  • Which is the roof colour green or blue?

Point 3: Visiting there

This is very important as that is high potential the website also have information that is not described in detail completely.

  • Around environment
  • drawbacks
  • ground floor or upper first floor

How was about it? If you still have a doubtable questions, It is also better way to contract with real estate agency or owener.

Thank you for watching!

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