[My experience]I saw three nightmare

Yesterday, I saw three nightmares at night.

Above all, The second was scared..

What is the nightmare are you watching?

All right, I will explain that now.

The first and third nightmares

the first, I went to spiritual spot. It’s simple but I was scared..

the third, I don’t know how to rent a car.


It’s not included horror contents, but I felt surprised for me…

The Second nightmare

First, I was standing with six people like a neighbours family in suspicious room that people who only elderly are gathering.

During to walk the corridor with the six people, A lot of portraits are displayed on the wall.

but it is only elderly people (over 80 years) and nobody young people were displayed…

There is also the lyrics song, but It was drably contents like a North Korean songs.

We went to exhibition.

the pictures are painted a skull, human bone, and horror…

At the same time, the lights are declining gradually…

And then I watched a girl who is closed in glass room and she screamed suddenly ‘Help!!!’.

Finally, The illumination are down completely. we were not able to sight around.

We could find the food shops which is bighting in the space.

A man who is running the shop silently said ‘I’ve never accepted you like a young people’.

but several people could accept that (never accept me…).

I thought ‘we will pass away in the space?’. I was scared…

After long time, Being lightning up again, but some people are screaming a word which can’t understand to me.

I yelled ‘Please!! Please come back my world NOOOOOW!!!’.

so The second nightmare had done..

It was scared…

In result

I also don’t know why I saw the nightmare.

Yesterday night, I drew an art by digital paint tool. and then, I got feel tired on eyes.

I drew

It took a long time to make it.

It might be illusion the picture I think…

Or If you are tired, it is easy to watch nightmare by stress.

When you are nervous, it is better to take a rest.

When I sleep at night, I want to watch good dream with my original characters.

It’s my personal opinion…

Take care!

Thank you for your listening.

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