[CAUTION] About unsuitable comment

Hello. I’m Eurodreamingtea.

I would like to tell the rule for commenting on the site.

Please refrain from sending a suspicious comment or spam mails.

My hope is the site is reaching for everyone to safety.

If I found such as a comments, I will be erasing it immediately.

Please use for safe !!

[P.S.] To prevent false information.

I am going to explain about my icons.

I usually use the image of icon on the site is two types.

the first icon is as below:

It is general use for my image which is a tea cup in the tea on plate.

It drew myself by hand.

The main site is as below: or Weltexplorertopics (@Eurodreamingtea).

and Eurodreamingtea (@eurodreamingtea1807) on Youtube (is still preparing).

the another icon is as below:

It was displayed this site.

It also made myself by digital paint tool.

The main use is short icon bar on this site:

If I changed some initials, I will announce on the web site or my twitter.

The way for protecting from malicious Information is to recognise ourself.

I make sure that amount of information is accurate one hundred percent.

It is difficult problem….

Please be careful to use on internet.

Take care!

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